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Get Fitness Meals Delivered To Your Door In Brisbane

Welcome to CORE Powerfoods; founded in 2012, we decided to address an increasing need in the health and fitness industry - the need for premium, fresh and healthy food delivered to doorsteps all over Australia. Customer loyalty and frozen food innovation continued to drive CORE Powerfoods forward and we're proud to have grown to become an industry leader in the Australian boutique retail and home delivery market. Read More

We've partnered with some of Australia's leading protein suppliers and vegetable growers to ensure quality meals that use sustainably sourced ingredients. We deliver all over Brisbane so whether you live in South Brisbane, Dutton Park, Spring Hill or Kangaroo Point, we've got you covered.

Maximise Your Workouts With Fitness Meals That Taste Great

Are you looking for plant-based fitness meals? Perhaps you're looking for a range of fitness meals with 40+ grams of protein? If so, check out our ranges of amazing tasting meals in the following categories;

Performance range; This range features protein-heavy meals ideal for building muscle, healthy bones and boosting the immunity system.

Plant-based range; Choose from a wide range of organic meals that are plant-based and vegan.

Power pizza; Our pizzas are so delicious that it will feel like you're eating a cheat meal when, in reality, you're filling your body up with all of the goodness it needs.

What Makes Us Different

Home Made Taste, Maximum Flavours - What makes our meals different is our homemade approach to preparing our meals every day with fresh ingredients. We ensure that all of the nutrients in our food are preserved, by sending you fresh, Healthy Frozen Meals. We don't believe robots should make our food; instead, we deliver you food made by Australians for a home-cooked meal experience.

Protein-Rich - We use premium Australian ingredients and a snap freezing process that preserves the protein and nutritional value of the raw ingredients. Our meals contain an average of 40g+ protein per meal, which is rare in the frozen food market. For even more protein, try out High Protein Ready Meals

No Use-By Date - Our meals do not have a use-by date, only a best before date! Our meals have a life of 12 months if stored in the freezer, making it easy to stock up on your favourite CORE meals. Every CORE meal is guaranteed to retain freshness, nutrition, and flavour for 365 days so you don't have to worry about your meals losing that just-cooked fresh taste.

Commonly Asked Questions

Do you offer home delivery?

Yes, we do offer home delivery. Your fitness meals will be delivered to your gate, door or office reception if not specified otherwise in the delivery notes. We deliver Fitness Meals Brisbane-wide.

Can I buy a CORE Powerfoods product in a store?

Yes, CORE Powerfoods are available in 3000 retail outlets countrywide.

How much is delivery?

We charge a $14.95 delivery on all orders. Delivery is free for orders of 3 carton (18 meals) or more.

Make Your Order Today

Order from CORE Powerfoods today and get the nutrition you need while saving time and money by having Fitness Meals delivered in Brisbane. Check out our individual meals for more info on nutritional value and cooking instructions. If you have a question, use our callback feature and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Read Less

6 Meal Taster Box 350g

2 of our brand new meals and our top 4 best sellers - Spice It Up, Pasta La Vista, Holy Meatballs, Going Nuts, Old School, Smokey Mountain Meatballs 


6-PACK Deep South Chilli 350g

American style, slow cooked beef with rice and green beans.


6 Pizza Taster Box 300g

A variety of 6 pizza from our best sellers selection


6-PACK Holy Meatballs 350g

Lean beef meatballs, wholemeal penne and a rich tomato sauce 


6-PACK Smokey Mountain Meatballs 350g

Hickory smoked meatballs with rice and green beans


6-PACK Muay Thai Meatballs 350g

Chicken meatballs with red Thai curry sauce


6-PACK Old School 350g

Portuguese-style chicken with sweet potato and green beans


6-PACK Going Nuts 350g

Crunchy satay chicken with rice and green beans


6-PACK Seismic Chicken 350g

Honey sesame chicken with broccoli and green beans


6-PACK Pasta La Vista 350g

Chicken pasta bake with tomato sauce and low fat cheese


6-PACK Spice It Up 350g

Green Thai-style chicken curry with sugar snap peas, broccoli and rice


6-PACK Cookie Dough Taster 240g

A variety of our delicious NEW Cookie Dough Balls. 2 x Birthday Cake  2 x Chocolate Sprinkled Doughnut 2 x Blueberry Cheesecake


6-PACK Smokey BBQ Chicken Pizza 350g

Hickory smoked barbeque chicken with caramelized onion and low-fat cheese


The $99 Ultimate Pack 0g

A selection of 14 of our best sellers, new meals and pizzas


6-PACK Naked Chicken 350g

Chicken tenderloin with green beans and broccoli


6-PACK BBQ Beef & Onion Pizza 350g

Hickory smoked barbecue beef with caramelized onion and low-fat cheese


6-PACK Moroccan Lamb Pizza 350g

Moroccan-style slow-cooked lamb with aromatic spices and feta cheese


6-PACK Chillin' Out 350g

Southern-style chilli with green beans, rice and hemp seed


6-PACK Thai Hard 350g

Red Thai-style curry with sweet potato, rice and hemp seed


6-PACK Peri Peri Chicken Pizza 350g

Peri-peri barbeque chicken with caramelized onion and low-fat cheese


6-PACK Mild Mexican Beef Pizza 350g

Mexican-style slow-cooked beef with jalapenos and low-fat cheese


6-PACK Holy Meatballs (Chunky Style) 350g

Lean beef meatballs, wholemeal penne, and a chunky style tomato sauce


Smokey BBQ Chicken Pizza 300g 350g

Hickory smoked barbeque chicken with caramelized onion and low-fat cheese


Holy Meatballs 350g 350g

Lean beef meatballs, wholemeal penne and a rich tomato sauce