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Healthy Meal Delivery from CORE Powerfoods

If you are thinking of ways to get convenient, healthy meals home delivered then you should be looking for a company that knows nutrition. Read More

For a long time, convenience food has been the very antithesis of healthy, containing all sorts of unwanted 'bad' foods and being blamed for obesity, heart disease and many other health issues.

Today, CORE Powerfoods have developed a range of frozen meals that are not only delicious and satisfying, they also take the guesswork out of eating healthily by providing balanced nutrition that is naturally high in protein, while being low in undesirables like fats and simple carbohydrates.

Getting healthy prepared meals delivered to your home (or work) takes the pressure off you when it comes to creating meal plans. It might be a popular joke that being an adult means working out what is for dinner every night for the rest of your life - but when it comes down to it, trying to choose meals that are healthy and interesting is tough. Add in the usual daily pressures and stresses of work, gym and a family - and suddenly those meal prepping ideas that are meant to save you time and money haven't happened, and before you know it you are ordering a takeaway.

Buying online and getting healthy meals delivered to your home allows you the freedom to go about your day, knowing that when you need it there is a delicious, nutritious, hand-plated meal available in approximately 7 minutes. The convenience of a microwave meal, with the authentic, home-cooked taste of a proper, healthy, balanced meal. Get everthing from Vegan Meals to High-Protein Meals with a range to choose from.

How Do I Get It?

Ordering your healthy meal delivery couldn't be easier with our home delivery service. All our meals are sold in cartons of six, with no minimum order limit. You can choose how many cartons you want, and with over 20 meals to choose from - including beef, chicken, Vegan and pizza - you truly are spoiled for choice.

Of course, the more you buy, the more you will save - with up to 24% off on 3 or more cartons, plus free delivery when you order more than 18 meals. So get some healthy prepared home delivered meals today!

Deliveries are made on a Tuesday and a Friday between 12am and 6pm. Orders can be placed online up to 3pm the preceding day, so you know when to expect us!

You don't have to be in to receive your delivery; our drivers will always leave the package in a safe place (or as directed by you) and our state-of-the-art packaging will keep your order frozen for up to 8 hours (weather dependent).

Packaging for the Future

All our packaging can be recycled. We care about the environment - supporting our farmers to use sustainable practices and making sure that all the ingredients we use are 100% Australian, cutting food miles and our carbon emissions.

We don't stop there though. We utilise the very latest trends in recyclable materials in all our packaging, so the cardboard can be recycled with your normal household recycling and the thermal liners we use can be deposited in a Redcycle bin in any Coles or Woolworths Store.

The ice packs we use are a special gel made of sodium polyacrylate and water that helps soil retain moisture, so adding it to your flowerbeds will help your garden look amazing - and the plastic around these ice packs is also recyclable with your home recycling.

If you would like to find out more about the range of healthy food ready meals available from CORE Powerfoods to be delivered to your home then call us today! Read Less

6 Meal Taster Box 350g

2 of our brand new meals and our top 4 best sellers - Spice It Up, Pasta La Vista, Holy Meatballs, Going Nuts, Old School, Smokey Mountain Meatballs 


6-PACK Holy Meatballs 350g

Lean beef meatballs, wholemeal penne and a rich tomato sauce 


6-PACK Deep South Chilli 350g

American style, slow cooked beef with rice and green beans.


6 Pizza Taster Box 300g

A 6 pizza variety box of our best sellers - Smokey BBQ Chicken, Mild Mexican Beef, Peri Peri Chicken, Moroccan Lamb, BBQ Beef and Onion


6-PACK Smokey Mountain Meatballs 350g

Hickory smoked meatballs with rice and green beans


6-PACK Old School 350g

Portuguese-style chicken with sweet potato and green beans


6-PACK Going Nuts 350g

Crunchy satay chicken with rice and green beans


6-PACK Muay Thai Meatballs 350g

Chicken meatballs with red Thai curry sauce


6-PACK Seismic Chicken 350g

Honey sesame chicken with broccoli and green beans


6-PACK Smokey BBQ Chicken Pizza 350g

Hickory smoked barbeque chicken with caramelized onion and low-fat cheese


6-PACK Naked Chicken 350g

Chicken tenderloin with green beans and broccoli


6-PACK Moroccan Lamb Pizza 350g

Moroccan-style slow-cooked lamb with aromatic spices and feta cheese


6-PACK BBQ Beef & Onion Pizza 350g

Hickory smoked barbecue beef with caramelized onion and low-fat cheese


6-PACK Pasta La Vista 350g

Chicken pasta bake with tomato sauce and low fat cheese


6-PACK Peri Peri Chicken Pizza 350g

Peri-peri barbeque chicken with caramelized onion and low-fat cheese


6-PACK Chillin' Out 350g

Southern-style chilli with green beans, rice and hemp seed


6-PACK Thai Hard 350g

Red Thai-style curry with sweet potato, rice and hemp seed


6-PACK Spice It Up 350g

Green Thai-style chicken curry with sugar snap peas, broccoli and rice


Cookie Dough Taster 240g

A variety of our delicious NEW Cookie Dough Balls. 2 x Birthday Cake  2 x Chocolate Sprinkled Doughnut 2 x Blueberry Cheesecake


6-PACK Mild Mexican Beef Pizza 350g

Mexican-style slow-cooked beef with jalapenos and low-fat cheese