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Healthy Meal Delivery Service In Brisbane

Are you looking for frozen meals that are made using the freshest Australian ingredients? Do you long for a service that will deliver healthy meals in Brisbane? Do you want to take the guesswork out of healthy eating? Read More

If so, we have you covered. Welcome to CORE Powerfoods; we supply our customers with home-cooked, hand-plated, healthy meals that pack a big punch when it comes to taste and nutritional value.

Our meals are perfect for those that want to lose weight, tone up and build muscle. They're also ideal for anyone who wants to eat healthier without having to spend hours upon hours slaving over a hot stove. We give our customers the gift of time and, best of all, ordering our meals is an affordable option compared to meal prepping.

Get Healthy Home Delivered Meals In Brisbane

We realised there was a gap in the market for healthy, home-cooked meals that can be frozen for up to 12 months and we did something about it. CORE Powerfoods has grown from a small cafe in Maidstone VIC to become one of the industry leaders in the boutique retail fitness meal market.

Our meals are stocked in 3,000+ gyms, health food stores and supplement stores in Australia. Now, we're ready to bring our healthy meals to Brisbane with a home delivery service.

Why Choose CORE Powerfoods?

  • We have partnerships with Australia's leading protein suppliers and vegetable growers
  • Our home delivered meals are made fresh daily and snap frozen to lock in taste and nutritional value
  • Every meal is hand prepared to ensure that famous Australian home-cooked taste
  • We are committed to the highest industry standards for food manufacturing
  • Our meals are guaranteed to retain freshness, flavour and nutrition for up to 12 months
  • All meals are hand-prepared in Melbourne
  • Our meals are so fresh that they don't have a use-by date (they only have a best-before date)
  • Our Cloud-based inventory management system allows for full traceability of ingredients and finished products

Check Out Our Pizzas, Plant-Based & Protein Rich Meals

We have thought of everyone here at CORE. We have verthing from vegan meals to Healthy Meals including pizzas that are so good that you'll feel like you're eating a cheat meal, you will be spoilt for choice when adding items to your cart. If you want to build muscle, check out our performance range. It has delicious meals that will fuel your workouts and maximise your efforts at the gym. Each meal has an average of 40g+ of protein which is the highest in the packaged fitness meal market.

Real Food, Real People

We're real people who love real food here at CORE Powerfoods. If you have a question about any of our meals or you'd like to know more about our delivery service in Brisbane, you can request a call back by calling us now or using our online chat feature. Read Less

6 Meal Taster Box 350g

2 of our brand new meals and our top 4 best sellers - Spice It Up, Pasta La Vista, Holy Meatballs, Going Nuts, Old School, Smokey Mountain Meatballs 


6-PACK Holy Meatballs 350g

Lean beef meatballs, wholemeal penne and a rich tomato sauce 


6-PACK Deep South Chilli 350g

American style, slow cooked beef with rice and green beans.


6 Pizza Taster Box 300g

A 6 pizza variety box of our best sellers - Smokey BBQ Chicken, Mild Mexican Beef, Peri Peri Chicken, Moroccan Lamb, BBQ Beef and Onion


6-PACK Smokey Mountain Meatballs 350g

Hickory smoked meatballs with rice and green beans


6-PACK Old School 350g

Portuguese-style chicken with sweet potato and green beans


6-PACK Going Nuts 350g

Crunchy satay chicken with rice and green beans


6-PACK Seismic Chicken 350g

Honey sesame chicken with broccoli and green beans


6-PACK Muay Thai Meatballs 350g

Chicken meatballs with red Thai curry sauce


6-PACK Smokey BBQ Chicken Pizza 350g

Hickory smoked barbeque chicken with caramelized onion and low-fat cheese


6-PACK Naked Chicken 350g

Chicken tenderloin with green beans and broccoli


6-PACK Moroccan Lamb Pizza 350g

Moroccan-style slow-cooked lamb with aromatic spices and feta cheese


6-PACK BBQ Beef & Onion Pizza 350g

Hickory smoked barbecue beef with caramelized onion and low-fat cheese


6-PACK Chillin' Out 350g

Southern-style chilli with green beans, rice and hemp seed


6-PACK Thai Hard 350g

Red Thai-style curry with sweet potato, rice and hemp seed


6-PACK Peri Peri Chicken Pizza 350g

Peri-peri barbeque chicken with caramelized onion and low-fat cheese


6-PACK Mild Mexican Beef Pizza 350g

Mexican-style slow-cooked beef with jalapenos and low-fat cheese


6-PACK Pasta La Vista 350g

Chicken pasta bake with tomato sauce and low fat cheese


6-PACK Spice It Up 350g

Green Thai-style chicken curry with sugar snap peas, broccoli and rice