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Prepared Gym Meals With Maximum Nutrition

Founded in 2012, CORE Powerfoods was created for one important purpose... to address the increasing need in the health and fitness industry for food that is genuinely healthy and convenient at the same time. From our humble beginnings in a small cafe in Maidstone VIC, CORE Powerfoods has rapidly become an industry-leading producer of prepared gym meals in gyms, health food stores and supplement stores across the county. Read More

A combination of customer loyalty and our frozen food innovation has helped us continue to drive CORE Powerfoods forward. Since our inception, CORE Powerfoods has grown over 300% year over year. Our passion is nutrition and fitness so you're guaranteed to get only the very best ready meals when you choose our meal delivery service.

Pre Made Gym Meals can Help With Your Gym Goals

As we all know, it's not just about the effort you're putting in at the gym, it's about what you're putting into your body too. You could spend hours in the gym each week but see minimal reward if you're not fuelling your body with the right foods.

CORE Powerfoods has spent years expertly crafting pre made gym meals that are specifically geared towards helping you live a healthy lifestyle. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or tone up, our pre made meals will help you see the most return from your workouts and training.

We know that you're super busy so we've taken the guesswork out of getting the right nutrition for your body. This means you can spend less time worrying about what to eat and more time in the gym knowing that your body is getting everything it needs to stay in shape.

All of our meals are made fresh on a daily basis and hand plated so they feel just like home-cooked food and not your average machine dispensed ready meals. We pride ourselves on having very high nutrient retention compared to chilled meals that deteriorate and lose their nutrients faster than our snap-frozen foods.

Just like you, we don't like to cut corners so we only use premium Australian ingredients to make our frozen meals. We're committed to quality and use an advanced process for quality control to ensure that every meal you get from us will keep its nutrients, flavour and freshness for 12 months.

Prepared Gym Meals Delivered to Your Home

We're proud to be helping people all across the country stay in shape and better themselves all while saving time and money when it comes to their nutrition. We make getting the right food easier than ever so you have one less thing to worry about in your busy life.

Delicious and healthy food is closer than you think. All you need to do is go to our Muscle Meals store, add the prepared gym meals that you'd like to your cart and we'll deliver them right to your door. It couldn't be easier! Read Less




6-PACK Holy Meatballs 350g

Lean beef meatballs, wholemeal penne and a rich tomato sauce 


6-PACK Deep South Chilli 350g

American style chili made using 100% premium Australian beef, red kidney beans, rice and green beans


6-PACK Old School 350g

Portuguese-style chicken with sweet potato and green beans


6-PACK Going Nuts 350g

Crunchy satay chicken with rice and green beans


6-PACK Muay Thai Meatballs 350g

Chicken meatballs with red Thai curry sauce


6-PACK Smokey Mountain Meatballs 350g

Hickory smoked meatballs with rice and green beans


6-PACK Seismic Chicken 350g

Honey sesame chicken with broccoli and green beans


6-PACK BBQ Beef & Onion Pizza 350g

Hickory smoked barbecue beef with caramelized onion and fat cheese


6-PACK Smokey BBQ Chicken Pizza 350g

Hickory smoked barbeque chicken with caramelized onion and low-fat cheese


6-PACK Naked Chicken 350g

Chicken tenderloin with green beans and broccoli


6-PACK Chillin' Out 350g

Southern-style chilli with green beans, rice and hemp seed


6-PACK Moroccan Lamb Pizza 350g

Moroccan-style slow-cooked lamb with aromatic spices and feta cheese


6-PACK Mild Mexican Beef Pizza 350g

Mexican-style slow-cooked beef with jalapenos and low-fat cheese


6-PACK Peri Peri Chicken Pizza 350g

Peri-peri barbeque chicken with caramelized onion and low-fat cheese


6-PACK Thai Hard 350g

Red Thai-style curry with sweet potato, rice and hemp seed