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Tasty Vegan Fitness Meal Delivery Service

Do you care about your fitness but find it hard to source genuinely healthy vegan meals that will help you stay in shape? There's a significant lack of plant-based food that is both healthy and convenient so we decided to do something about it. Welcome to CORE Powerfoods and our vegan fitness meal delivery service! Read More

Our high protein vegan delivery meals are made with only the freshest plant-based ingredients in Australia. And to ensure that your meal keeps its nutrients, we make everything fresh on a daily basis and snap freeze it to lock in the goodness.

Whether your goal is to build muscle, tone up, lose weight or if you just want healthy and delicious vegan meals, we've got you covered. No matter the lifestyle you want, we take the stress out of staying healthy without vegan athlete meal delivery.

Why Choose Our Vegan Fitness Meal Delivery Service?

We know that you don't have to get protein from animal products. Plant-based products are just as good for you, just as tasty and packed with protein. That's why we made our mouthwatering range of vegan foods to help you fuel your workouts and look forward to your meals.

Genuinely healthy plant-based meals can be hard to find. Most of the time, if you want vegan food that's packed with nutrients, you have to make it from scratch yourself. But what if you don't want to spend hours cooking after a busy day? What if you don't want to waste your time in supermarkets and whole food stores just to find ingredients?

The answer is our high protein vegan meal delivery service.

All of our foods are hand plated so you don't miss out on that home-cooked meal experience, then frozen and delivered to you at home. Next time you want a tasty post-workout meal all you have to do is transfer your red-Thai curry sweet potato or southern style chilli to the microwave and enjoy!

We're proud to have partnered with Australia's leading protein suppliers and vegetable growers. This ensures all our premium plant-based products and vegetables come from sustainable sources and support Australian families. Now you can eat well and feel even better knowing that your food is among the highest quality in the country.

Vegan Ready Made Meals That Taste Amazing

We're excited to be setting a new standard for healthy plant-based meals with our impeccable quality control measures and premium ingredients. No matter your dietary preference, we want you to stay in shape, be healthier and spend less time worrying about cooking. Nothing is more important to us than your nutrition.

Take some time to check out our high protein vegan meals today and add your favourites to your cart. Proceed to the checkout and we'll deliver your meals straight to your door. We deliver Australia wide so it doesn't matter if you live in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney or Brisbane - you can still enjoy our amazing range of plant-based fitness meals. Read Less

Spice It Up 350g 350g

Green Thai-style chicken curry with sugar snap peas, broccoli and rice


Smokey Mountain Meatballs 350g 350g

Hickory smoked meatballs with rice and green beans


Pasta La Vista 350g 350g

Chicken pasta bake with tomato sauce and low fat cheese


Old School 350g 350g

Portuguese-style chicken with sweet potato and green beans


Deep South Chilli 350g 350g

American style, slow cooked beef with rice and green beans.


BBQ Beef & Onion Pizza 300g 350g

Hickory smoked barbecue beef with caramelized onion and low-fat cheese